Sassy LeapFrog Baby Curious Crab Rattle

Sassy LeapFrog Baby Curious Crab Rattle

Product Description

Introduce baby to colors with this crabs bright, crinkly feet. Encourage baby to shake this adorable crab and hear the colorful beads make a soft rattle sound.

Colorful Rattle Design
Safe for babies of all ages, the plush crab is made with bright and crinkly fabric feet with the names of colors on them. As your baby explores each foot, you can say the name of the color. The clear claws with beads make a soft rattling sound. As you shake and stop, your little one will begin to learn cause and effect relationships. The friendly crab’s open mouth doubles as an easy-to-grasp handle.
About Sassy
Founded in 1982 in Northbrook, Illinois, Sassy is committed to creating products
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Thought this toy actually spoke the colors. Its still super cute and fun to have.

cute but looked used3
this is for my niece and still don’t know how much she’ll like it but this is a cute and colorful toy. what i don’t like with the one i got is that it looked used, lots of scratches.

Rattle is not a good name for this…1
The only soft parts of this toy are the 6 colored “legs”. And they are SO tiny! There is no comfortable place for a baby to EASILY grap hold and “rattle” this toy. At the 3-6 month stage, babies are putting EVERYTHING they hold into their mouth and this toy is ackward for doing that. I sent it back…immediately.