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Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube

A true breakthrough in music education, the mMunchkin Mozart Magic Cube will be music to your baby’s ears. Providing hours of interactive play for budding young composers of all ages, this award-winning toy is the perfect musical foundation for little ones.

Music Education in a Cube
Fun, creative, and inspiring, the Magic Cube teaches how sounds combine to create eight Mozart masterpieces. With a touch of a button, this interactive cube lets your child add or subtract from any combination of five different instruments, including harp, French horn, piano, flute, and violin. Each selected instrument button flashes along to the beat of the music. An orchestra button even plays all the instruments at once.

Baby-Safe Design
Designed with durable plastic construction, the mMunchkin Mozart Magic Cube features bright colors such as yellow, green, purple, and magenta. Made with soft, rounded corners, it’s easy and safe for baby to hold. The 6-inch cube requires three AA batteries (not included).


Never-ending music4
This Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube toy keeps my 4-month old’s attention for a while – she really seems to like the flashing lights as the music plays.

I only wish there was a volume button on it – it seems a bit loud to me (and if it seems loud to me wouldn’t it seem loud to the baby as well?), and I wish it weren’t quite so heavy. It will be a long time before my baby will be able to turn the cube or pick it up, for now it just sits on the floor between her legs and she’s able to hit the buttons that are facing up/out.

mMunchkin Mozart cube5
Great toy! All of my 4 grandchildren have enjoyed it. They loved the lights and the music. Each side is different instrument and then one is the whole orchestra playing the same melody. Mozart’s music is a wonderful change from the usual annoying tunes on most children’s toys.

Interesting and fun4
This mMunchkin Mozart Magic Cube product is interesting and fun for my 7 months old twins. I’m sure they will grow to understand it and love it even further in the future.

The only drawback I see is that the quality of sound is not great, and the instruments sound more like simulated electronic sound than the real sound of the instrument.

munchkin magic cube is fun4

Munchkin Magic Cube is an educational, interactive product from Munchkin Inc. The Magic Cube helps introduce children to different musical instruments, Sized to be easily portable; teaches toddlers “cause and effect” as well as appreciation for the music.

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